HUD modifcation

(epicdragon2104) #1

I don’t know if some1 has already asked this, but i could not find it anywhere. i’ve had to do alot of HUD modification in recent times, including changing values to move things around myself. my question is this: how can i test my changes without restarting the game each time? is there even a way? it’s gotten quite annoying for me and my friends who have to see my “i’m playing…” notification over and over.

also, any1 else who has questions about how to modify HUDs are welcome by me. just thought i would throw that out there.

(Twoiko) #2

I’m pretty sure you can use the “set” command to modify individual elements through the console but it seems like SD has blocked their usage for most things. I don’t think there’s any other way, unfortunately.

Anyway, to stop bothering your Steam friends with notification spam you could just go offline on Steam until you’re finished.

Also a bit of shameless self-promotion here but I made a post on the DBConfig subreddit for HUD elements and manually moving them around, I know it’s a little out-dated but I’d love some feedback and maybe help getting it finished as well.

(epicdragon2104) #3

ok, thanks for the fast response. i think i’ve actually seen that page, and bookmarked it in fact. thank you for it. i wish there was an easier way of doing this cough devs cough