How to Trade?

(PeterReaper) #1

OK, there are several posts of people asking for trades of their weapon skins. Great! But I couldn’t find any instruction on how to trade. Can someone please tell me how?

(Jigstraw) #2

Steam inventory trading, not in-game trading

(PeterReaper) #3

Thanks! :smiley:

Took me a while and a bit of RTFM to figure it out. It’s a bit cumbersome and limited (can only trade with “friends”).

(geefunkster) #4

You’re right, it is a bit cumbersome. Better clunky than not at all I guess. If people don’t make their inventory private and/or give a link in the trading threads, I just check that out and just send an invite if I think a trade would work.

While the friend and mobile authentication requirements add a couple of steps, once you’ve done a trade or too it’s not too painful.

(PeterReaper) #5

To vs Too vs Two

  • to - I’m going to the store, or: I need to study (precedes a noun as a preposition, or indicates an infinitive when it precedes a verb)

  • too - it’s not too painful, or: Can I go too? (means excessively, or a synonym for “also”)

  • two - once you’ve done a trade or two (is a number)

The grammar Nazi strikes again. :wink:

(geefunkster) #6

Given the sentence structure it would have been evident to me that the aforementioned grammatical error was likely merely a transposing of the subsequent “too”, as opposed to a lack of knowledge of the correct word in said context.

While your ability to spot a grammatical error is evident, your ability to reason is not.