How to: Report Bugs!

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Format bug reports: When submitting a bug to the forums, make sure that you give us as much information as you can. If you can remember any of the events leading up to the issue it can help us find the cause quicker.

Type of Bug: Eg. Gameplay bug, HUD and in game UI, Frontend UI etc.
Description: Describe what the bug is and what happened in the moments leading up to and after the incident.
Video / Screenshot: If you can grab a screenshot (which you can do through steam) or a video recording of the issue it would be useful for us.
Steps to reproduce: List the steps that lead up to the bug. Try not to leave any information out, every step can be useful!
Result: What happened after you experienced the bug.
Expected result: What you believe should have happened if there was no bug.
Reproduction rate: How many times out of 10 have you experienced this issue? (1/10 - 10/10)

Make sure to label your thread appropriately so we can easily identify the bug/issue.

Copy the text below and use it to fill in your details:

[b]Type of Bug:[/b]
[b]Video / Screenshot:[/b]
[b]Steps to reproduce:[/b]
[b]Expected result:[/b]
[b]Reproduction rate:[/b]

Performance/Graphical Issues: If you are experiencing either performance or graphical related issues, please also add your System Specification to your bug report including: Processor, Graphics Card, RAM, HDD/SSD, Motherboard, Sound Card and even drivers etc.

We’ll be going through each and every bug which is posted here. If you don’t get a reply, don’t worry. Just rest assured knowing we have made note of your issue and it will be addressed when possible.

Thank you for your help in identifying these issues!