how to rejoin game?

(vuhuuu) #1

How do you restart the game or rejoin the game? My frames dropped so I had to restart game, but there is no rejoin button. How do I rejoin ranked game?

It was unplayable and all team suffered, but when I restart the game I can start another game but not join?

(Kirays) #2

That’s a very unfortunate bug. The workaround to it is to close the game from the task-bar.

(Mc1412013) #3

Play ranked otherwise its luck of the draw.


I think you guys are missing OP’s question, lol

You should normally get a popup allowing you to rejoin a game. But it’ll only slow up once, so if you leave a game and skip past the popup to restart the game, you won’t get another chance.
It’ll also expire after a minute or so I believe, so if you took too long to load the game back up, you’ll be locked out. Not sure why since there’s no backfilling in ranked, and a late player is better than no player, but oh well.

(Artyrim) #5

Like KirSays you have to close the game from task bar and then restart your pc/game,it works even if you close your internet connection before closing the game (or worked haven’t tried it since a month).
If you dced or exited from the game then you are fucked up most of time

Is sad that in RS2 and RS3 there was no bug about this and in RS4 we have this bug since 3 months or even more

(Diosito) #6

Write in the console: “exit lobby mode and rejoin the previous game”
Without the quotes of course :*

Abbadon o:)

Abaddon o:)