How to play ranked

(jauntyName) #1

Hello dirty bombers,
I ve reached after lvl 7 and I would like to try to play a ranked game o a EU server.
My problem is that I dont see how to do that. I ve been looking everywhere on the games menu and never
found a ‘play ranked’ button. All I have is a ‘quick game’ or ‘choose from servers’.

I may be blind and excuse me in advance if this is a stupid question or if it has already been answered.

Thanks for your help :smile:

(Kirays) #2


Ranked has been taken down to prepare it for the next season.
It should be back up soon. :slight_smile:

(jauntyName) #3

Okay, thanks a lot, I was going crazy :wink:

(Bbrot) #4

I can’t wait for the next ranked season. I’ve been playing dirty bomb since before ranked season 1, and after taking a really long break for about 1+ year, I realized that I had missed an entire season. Im hyped for season 2.

(adventurousDetective) #5

pfff why not leving it on?

(Syd_Barrett) #6

Ranked mode is on already!!

Feel free to play it whenever you want to.

(Your worst knifemare.) #7

[quote=“Syd_Barrett;c-227935”]Ranked mode is on already!!

Feel free to play it whenever you want to.[/quote]

The OP was in January, ranked was closed by then.

Also I call this a necro thread now.

-Insert sparks picture here-

(WashingMachine) #8

When the ranked season came you click ranked game, find match and wait

(Kirays) #9

Please check the date of the thread before posting.