How To Play BRINK in Third Person (PC)

(CalUKGR) #1

1.Bring down console [ctrl+alt+tilde] and type: “devmap mp/” (no quotes)

  1. Type name of map: “aquarium.entities” (no quotes) or any of these:
    ccity.entities, refuel.entities, resort.entities, sectow.entities, shipyard.entities
    terminal.entities + [ENTER] This will take you to selected map.

  2. Still in console, type: “pm_thirdperson 1” (no quotes) + [ENTER]

  3. Hide console [tilde] and enjoy.

(KAS--Will) #2

At first when watching this, I didn’t think you had crosshairs, then I found out you did, so I had no clever, sassy come back…

Until I realized you were playing on hard. :slight_smile:

(njezic) #3

When we ironsight in Third Person mode - get no crosshair?
Which command we can use to solve this problem?
Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

(Alair55) #4

Yeah I tried it my self. maybe you need a plugin.

(tangoliber) #5

I’d like to see a mod tool that lets you edit the bots in single player. Set the clothing, body type, class/abilities and weapons for bots on both teams. Since the game does use preset bots, I assume it would be a matter of finding that data and changing it.

(coranfox) #6

The video was unavailable. Perhaps removed?

(njezic) #7

Some videos:



One good theme and some tricks for this:
Brink in thirdperson!!!

(njezic) #8

I am developed only one line of code for fast switches automatically TPS or FPS mode. Using only one key (E) for this is perfect solution. I test my best key for this speed button switch and then capture the video to look like a combination of playing FPS and TPS mode.

Brink PC - First Person & Third Person gameplay | Fast switch, Binding keys


bind "E" "devmap; toggle pm_thirdperson 0 1; addchatline 'TPS/FPS'"

Put this line in Autoexec.cfg (must be in same directory with Brinkconfig.cfg)

(Ripster7) #9

This game is awesome, sadly its had some bad Pub, what happens when you iron sight? does it help the accuracy at all?

(njezic) #10


Steam link: