How to make ranked more competitive

(frostyvampire) #1

Right now, ranked is just 5v5 Stopwatch with friendly fire, it doesn’t really make it much more competitive other than stopping people from spamming explosives. I know it’s currently under mainterace because the Stopwatch bug but I still decided to post this because once it’s back up it’s still relevant

So I thought about a few things to make it better:

  1. Team collision will now allow you to stand on teammates’ heads and if your teammate jumps they will boost you high in the air. This will allow you boosting teammates to different spots that you can’t parkour to usually and help you get to spots faster

  2. Increase the time we have to pick our squad to 3 minutes (from 45 seconds). Right now we really have no time to discuss our squad at all and often end up having no fire supports on EV maps and on occasion have a game without a single engineer or only one medic. These things should never happen in ranked

  3. During warmup, add a HUGE text message blocking half of the player screen asking them to press F6. Also increase the warmup time to 1:30 minute (from 1 minute)

  4. Give us 1.5 minute to change our squad during halftime. This should also apply to normal Stopwatch but with only 45 seconds instead of 1:30 minute

  5. Not really a gameplay thing but maybe make it so your elo is determined by 80% personal performance and only 20% by the win/loss? Deranking because you get a bad team doesn’t seem fair

  6. Why can’t we queue with 3 or 4 people in the lobby?

Now I think that 5v5 games should be even more competitive and more teamwork, since you actually know your teammates there so what you should do in it is disallow 2 of the same merc in the same team, which means only one player in each team will be able to put a specific merc in their squad. This will make this so much more competitive because you will have to discuss your roles and squads and you won’t be able to go 4 Rhinos + 1 Aura on Underground defense. But the downside in it is that you will only able to queue in a full lobby if all the members in the lobby have at least 15 mercs unlocked (so all team members have to buy at least 13 more mercs which means they have to spend at least 570,000 credits on mercs, earning that much credits will take a while and usually you will have to be at least level 20+ to get all the required mercs and a good loadout card for them)

Edit: Also make Thunder’s concussion grenades have full effect on teammates. Currently it’s the same in ranked as in pubs where your teammates get a whiter screen but it doesn’t block anything

(CoctimusPrime) #2

Love points 2, 3, and 4. IMHO time between matches and especially AFTER matches needs to be bumped up a little to give players time to discuss/analyze the selections of their team mates. This applies to ranked and unranked. Just my two cents.