How to level up faster?

(Jl001) #1

I am still a noob with poor eye sight (always bottom k/d). I play all 23 Mercs and I have 18 of them over 1 million XPs, but still at level 210.

How can I increase my level more quickly ?

(Mc1412013) #2

Wouldnt wory about leveling up. Enless untrying to get crates.

A lot of the 250-300+ players are long time players. Arpund d.b. 1.0 release our levels were increased by 3x. Level doesnt mean skill

But if unwant to level up use high xp mercs like aura. If u play her right can do 15k a match easy

(Your worst knifemare.) #3

Just play Vas or Aimee, their abilitys give way too much xp

If you actually want to be useful then id go Aura or Guardian

(Mc1412013) #4

Yeah but vas u need to put the sensor in places that it cant be shot like on roofs or in crevices other wise its neutralized before its usefull

(Jl001) #5

Can I use Skyhammer instead of Aura as a “High XP merc” ?

(K1X455) #6

FPS trainer…

Aim Lab is free on Steam…pretty good too

You’ll learn things from there on.


I forgot… be an Aura main (most banned merc in ranked matches) and abuse the shit out of n00bs (keep it a secret before she gets nerfed to the ground)

(Press E) #7

Aura is a medic, skyhammer isn’t.
Medics are generally the best for XP because you get a lot from healing and reviving, and it’s not very hard to do. Firesupports like skyhammer generally get less XP just because ammo is needed less than revives and heals and doesn’t give as much XP in general. If you really wanna go firesupport, kira and arty are good. They have other abilities with shorter cooldowns, meaning more XP

As others have suggested, snipers can also be easy XP since you get a lot just from throwing a heartbeat sensor, but it’s kinda boring if you’re not good at sniping

But if your eyesight isn’t great and you’re struggling in combat, medics are probably your best bet anyways. Easy to get XP with and you can practice combat without it being your only focus, that’s how I started. Keep in mind though, you’re still gonna need to practice them more. You’re not going to be instantly rolling in XP no matter what merc you pick until you get fully used to them

Why do you want to level up quickly anyways though? Just for cases?

(Jl001) #8

Thanks all for all the tips so far.

Can anyone suggest Best Loadouts (for gaining XPs) for all 23 Mercs ?

(Jl001) #9

Weapon Cards and Cobalt loadout cards from credits.

BTW, I already have ALL 378 Bronze Loadout cards (both Second and First Editions)

Also, I have an impresssion that the more XPs I have (i.e. higher levels), the faster/further I can run/jump.

(Mc1412013) #10

Uh nope who ever told u that is wrong. This game was designed to be skill based not level based. Load out cards barely give u an edge and xp/level means nothing other than nothing

(Press E) #11

There aren’t really any. Realistically the best loadouts for XP are just gonna be the best loadouts in general, since the better you do as a merc the more XP you gain in general. And there are plenty of threads that you can google discussing the best loadouts for each merc already
So you’re gonna want stuff that boosts abilities mostly, potent packs on medics mean more heals and more XP, spotter on recons means a wider detection radius so more detections, bigger blast on explosive mercs means more enemies get damaged, etc.

Since there are no “best cards” in general for the most part, it’s only a matter of the cards you can get the most use out of with your own playstyle. Just browse through them, you’re not new to the game so you should be able to just use your intuition
But ultimately don’t expect a huge difference. Loadouts don’t offer a very big gameplay bonus in the first place, so the additional XP is probably only going to be 200-300 more even if you have the perfect card for your playstyle vs using an old default card with no perks

I wish lol