How to install my own server?

(Sm Ok E Nksp) #1

i need install server, but no information on google

(Moobabe) #2

Hallo! You can’t host your own servers, but you can rent them from I3D:

(Sm Ok E Nksp) #3

i am from russia, and have not money for rent. but i have server where can install.

(Moobabe) #4

We haven’t released the ability for folks to be able to host their own servers, sadly :frowning:

(Sm Ok E Nksp) #5

its very bad. this is reason why online are very small, for example see cs1.6 server, 20 years of game and 20 000 servers online. and much ppl game.

(Mc1412013) #6

A rare @Moobabe has appeared every one quiet so they dont run away

(Moobabe) #7

I’m always watching you

(Melonpopr) #8

I want to keep this game going too, I’m a systems admin and could host my own to keep it alive. My current server is TBAG’s Funhouse

(Mc1412013) #9

Would have been nice to have a lan mode and a peer to peer mode.