How to change forum name?

(Cletus_VanDamme) #1


If it’s like it was back in the day and a mod has to change it, can a mod please change my name to



(AlbinMatt) #2

Might as well toss my hat in. Any mods?

(GatoCommodore) #3

i dont miss nexon at all.

(Wintergreen) #4

He must be a Mabinogee or MapleStory dude. I forget what it was. That little anime Super Mario disaster. I’ve never once heard anything good about Nexon. They’re like a small-scale EA or Activision. Google ‘Why Nexon/EA/Activision…’ and look at the most commonly searched results. The EA ones are hilarious.

(Eox) #5

Hey sorry, but mods can’t change usernames. I’ll give you more info through PMs.