How to change avatar

(DirtyMedal) #1

I didn’t see anywhere where to…
I usually go here on my iPad, maybe there’s something to do with that?

(Draza) #2

You need to have the rank Private, which you get with 25 rep. If you are active in the forums you’ll get them very fast.

Take a free like :slight_smile:

(JesseKomm) #3

Exactly what Draza said, you earn points by getting badges as well as receiving positive feedback(Insightful, Agree, Like, LOL as you can see at the bottom of every comment you make). To help you out I’ve given you a like, you’ll be able to change your profile picture at 25 points, but to get there you need to be active on the forums and of course likeable enough to get that feedback needed.

(Sterling) #4

If you’re not likeable enough, I’ll make sure to hunt you down in the game at every opportunity I have.

(Lawrichai) #5

… so we play dirty in game and nice on the forum!

(GatoCommodore) #6

create Original Content or just rip some anime gif and post it in DB memes page to get free likes and lols