How to become Administrator in this Forum ?

(martha_smith) #1

tell me guys …

(Your worst knifemare.) #2

The almighty shoe must decide your worthy.

(kopyright) #3

First you have to unlock all achievements.

(martha_smith) #4


i’m working heap hard to complete all the achievements

& soon i gonna get elite operative rank

(Xenithos) #5

@kopyright said:
First you have to unlock all achievements.

Pretty sure our mods don’t have all the achievements unlocked. Multi-kill on the forums is dang near impossible.

(martha_smith) #6

@Xenithos but i was saying about in game steam achievements :slight_smile:

(GatoCommodore) #7

you need to prove yourself you wont abuse power
even then, there are no real insurance that anybody would not abuse their power.

(Mc1412013) #8

Sorry president @Eox and vice president @kirays fill thos role. Theres also @HonourBound but i think hes just got the title at this point. It says hes been offline since november so im guessing @stayfreshshoe forgot to remove him from mods or every one forgot he was a mod and didnt replace him. Enless they have some arangement cuz hes coming bacl

(Kirays) #9

HonourBound and also DarkangelUK are both active on our DB Discord however they rarely pass through this forum, hence why you rarely sight them. :slight_smile:

(HonourBound) #10


(Mc1412013) #11

@HonourBound said:


Hes alive