How does this even work?

(JC916) #1

I thought this was hilarious.

(Boto 1ava) #2

I don’t get it, what are you referring to?

(JC916) #3

I’m referring to the fact that there’s two of the same missision/badges.

(D.C.V.) #4

Oh, yeah, that happens sometimes. It’s pretty cool because you complete two missions by working on one :slight_smile:

(Penguinexpert1) #5

I take it the missions would just work on an RNG which would generate the mission. Obviously, Merc related missions would be based on Free Rotations / Mercs you have, but I take it Missions are generated using an RNG. I honestly don’t know though.

(Matuno) #6

Only happens when you decline a mission.
The missions you get at random are always from different categories. Decline one, and there’s a chance you get a duplicate category when the open slot refills.