How Do You...

(Blaster_Jr) #1

Ok im making a map and im having trouble

First How do you make water so that you can swim… i looked at pool,now im more confused!

Next How do you make bends/curves in radiant 1.3.8

Thx for the help anyone how can help me.

(TIHan) #2

the water is a texture… u should find some in textures/liquids_sd
try the siwa water… those are the ones that work that i have tried so far

to bend/curves u should make a brush be a patch mesh and then you would use the vertical tool


(Blaster_Jr) #3

thx ill try that… let you know in a bit

(*[SfS]*OpTeRoN) #4

Actually it’s a shader.
If you use a texture it won’t work.

(Blaster_Jr) #5

ok i got the water working on my map.


Will someone help me please.

(Venom) #6

heres a great tutorial on making archs and curves. if you go to the previous page it has a bunch more useful toturials, here.