How do we fix javelin?

(javelin_main) #1

Hey, I just wanted to kick off this discussion with my ideas and tell me what you think. Don’t be idiotic and say remove her.

So javelin is overpowered as all hell against people that can’t dodge. So she is really easy to stomp within pubs. However, she is garbage in high-level play. So we need to make her more skill based and have a high pay off for that skill. So here are the changes I want

Change 1) the base charge will be 1 second.

This may seem short and it is but when you see the following changes, it will make sense.

Change 2) The charge audio is 4x louder. In addition to this, Javelin’s charge audio is not affected by walls.

This is to help people hear the now very short charge and utilise the new charge mechanics that will be listed in the next few changes

Change 3) If javelin is shot during the charge, the rocket will take 1.2s to charge. After the first shot, every time Javelin takes 12 damage, the charge will last another 0.1s and this will increase until the rocket fires, Javelin dies or Javelin swaps weapons

This will help the skilled players avoid Javelin’s rocket. This also adds a way to protect against panic or suicide rockets.

Change 4) Suicide rockets have a 40s cooldown and they will not recharge during the spawn timer

One of the problems with the rocket is that suicide rockets have no penalty other than Javelin getting insta gibbed.

Change 5) Javelin’s ammo generator now gives two-thirds of a magazine per second. In addition to this the instant that a friendy enters this radius, they get two-thirds of magazine (no longer a one second delay)

I often find people rarely stand in the ammo generators radius for more than two seconds. So I often only give them half of a magazine or a magazine. Now I would give them one and a third of a magazine or two magazines.

Change 6) Javelin’s rockets deal 66% of the ev’s health on direct hit and 33% of the ev’s health on splash damage. (This does not affect the damage dealt to enemies).

This helps Javelin be better at objective play. Which she is currently weak at doing.

Please tell me what you would add/tweak about these changes.

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #2

All I want is her axe to be like when she was first released. I care nothing for the rocket.

(TheStrangerous) #3

Really wish her rocket rewarded artillery skills from Worms games.

(GatoCommodore) #4

the SHAR-C has pretty crappy spread
the rocket feels fine to me and i mainly used it to deal with heavy camp (rhino-aura-stoker-thunder)

it does the job well as a crude fire support, better than stoker as an immediate fire support, but worse on area denial.

you could also trick people into hiding by pulling out your rocket.

so far, i only realized her direct counter is stoker flame (it explode if flew over stoker flame) and Rhino wall of lead (can be shot down near javelin.

if Shar-C shoots a bit faster, with -1 damage and less spread, people would love it more than Blishloki. Because right now its just glorified Blish.
(hell, i would use blish anyway because the dot sight.)

(Guziol) #5

Don’t change shar-C