How Do I Add Maps or Change The Gametype In My Own Server

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So you’ve got your own server and want to update which maps are playable or swap from playing Objective to Stopwatch? Have no fear, this guide will tell you how:

  1. Log in to your Clanforge account and select your server to get you to the below screen

  1. Select ‘Edit Profile’

  1. Select ‘Maps’

  1. To play a specific game mode you must select it first from the ‘Game Type’ drop down. This will then show you below on the left all maps which are playable for that gametype

  1. If you’re swapping from one gametype to another, select all maps in the right-side list and remove them

  1. Then click ‘Add’ on the maps you want to be playable on your server

  1. Finally click ‘Save’ to save these changes and make more or ‘Save and Apply’ to apply to your server and restart so it’s ready to go

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