how change nickname ?

(littleAnemone) #1

hi all, i’m a new player and i don’t know for change my nickname. My name is " littleAnemone "… but i would like change my nickname. Thx for your help

(MarSouls) #2

Hello! You must download the nexus client, you can change the name on it, then re-login again on the site and you’ll have your name. Isn’t littleAnemone a cute name? :blush:

(acclaimedCandlestick) #3

and how about the folk that play the beta through steam?

(Nail) #4

this is just for forum name

(Paratick) #5

My default was SatisfyingUnicorn and I probably should have stuck with it.

(DoomsdaY) #6

Download it here :

(Cyphre) #7

There is a post in Announcements and General Chat on how to get your name changed. Unfortunately I can’t post links yet, otherwise I’d direct you to it. You can probably still download the client and do it from there, but I just PMed MissMurder to have it changed, as is option 2.

(cosmopolitanSponge) #8

I like my name, it’s funny XD