How Can I Get Unbanned

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There can time times when we unfortunately need to remove players from the game. This can be for a plethora of reasons which are all listed in our glorious Terms of Service. Most of the time these are just and valid, however mistakes can be made and sometimes bans need to be repealed.

There are two types of bans in Dirty Bomb. Those issued by EAC for detection of third party software related to cheating and those issued by ourselves for everything else.

If you find yourself banned by EAC and don’t feel it was just, you can find more information and also contact them about your ban through this page. If you are banned by EAC, the Dirty Bomb team will be unable to assist and can only point you towards their customer support, so please don’t hound our lovely CS team to get unbanned.

If you’re banned for another reason you can contact our support team through this portal and submit a ticket. They’re always happy to help and aim to reply within 48 hours.

If the ban was unjust or when investigated was perceived to be a ‘false positive’ your account will be unbanned. There may be also instances where a banned player will be lucky enough to have their account unbanned by going above and beyond by contributing to the community, as we like to reward positive behaviour. This could include actions such as:

  • Regularly helping players in the forums, Reddit and Discord
  • Offering advice, answering questions and linking to appropriate sources
  • Reaching out to players they have affected in the past and making amends
  • Not behaving in a negative fashion anywhere, including person social channels and non-official Discord servers
  • Most importantly, doing all of the above honestly and sincerely for a prolonged time

Doing these will make it easy for developers to notice your efforts and help in their decision to remove a ban if seen fit.

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Stream Round-Up: 6th June 2018