How are credits calculated?

(snoopmore) #1

Hi guys,

I was wondering how the credits you are getting after a round are calculated. In my opinion it is highly unbalanced.

I am a former Enemy Territory player. Because of that I know whats most important for such a objective shooter: Teamwork. And I live that to the fullest.

Last round I did hell of a job for the team. Revived like god, carried out all the objectives, had the scond most XPs from my team and eventually my team won the round. I was gessing that I will be rewarded with a lots of credits.

But all i got were 111 credits. WTF??
What do I have to do to get my teamwork rewarded? Why should I work for the team if it is not being rewarded by the game?

Do you guys have any thoughts on that?

Many thanks

(MisterBadmin) #2

Everything about base fee credits is discussed over here.

Everything in that is accurate, except for ranked being doubled. It was written in Season 1, before ranked points became a thing. The current ranked Credit bonus is 1.5x, so just lop 25% off.

In short, base fee Credits mostly come from playtime, not performance. A majority of your overall Credits come from Missions and Daily Bonuses. Missions are the three things that stare you in the face when you log in, I’m going to assume you are familiar. There are 4 Daily Bonuses for 500 Credits each, one for playing each of Objective, Stopwatch and Execution, as well as one for winning your first match. Play 2 mission sets each day, with at least one of each game type, and you can earn about 6500 Credits plus what you get for playtime, which could be another 1000 or so.

(AlbinMatt) #3

If I got the numbers right, it’s 12C/min. That’s about 18C/min in ranked, and stacking it with Credit Boosters turns it into about 24C/min in pubs, pr 36C/min in ranked.

Sadly performance isn’t much of a factor in credit acquisition, rather, it contributes to Exp cumulation, which is great and all, but it would be nice if SD could incentivize good plaus.

Missions makes it so that people are often more monetary driven rather than performance or skillful oriented. This is why you can sometimes see a dozen Skyhaggis nuking the EV in hopes of scraping of some Gamemode XP, or that one Fletcher constantly tossing stickies rather than repairing the EV to try and get some Combat XP. They might not necessarily be “bad” players, they’re just trying to get some cash.