Hoigat takes two shots to destroy a mine?

(Sorotia) #1

I know I’m not the greatest shot but I’ve had times where no one was near me and I swear I hit it spot on and needed two rounds just to detonate a mine.

Am I just going insane?

(Wintergreen) #2

Been like this the past few days. Not sure if it was intentional or not. There was another thread about it down below somewhere so maybe someone in that one had an answer if you dig it up. It feels so weird to put 2 shots on those mines now. Definitely a hard habit to break.

(hoyes) #3

Basically proxy mines always had 15hp, and they recently added hitmarkers to them (which wasn’t specified in the patch notes) to give them a bit more feedback. The hoigat does 14 dmg, hence the two shots.

(Sorotia) #4

I see…

Thanks…at least I know I’m not going nuts thinking I’m missing them lol

(GatoCommodore) #5

shoe said:

“This is a bug and we’re investigating it. It appears that in the last update the mines acquired another hitbox which seems to be the cause of this issue.”

how can you double hitbox?

(watsyurdeal) #6

That…makes no sense