Hoggy band for livf


hi guys am band for life lol . SHUT UP HOGGY ITS NOT FUNY ,on steam from community chat in Dirty bomb what can I do to get unbend thank you guys

(Kirays) #2

Can you please try rephrasing what you mean?

(Your worst knifemare.) #3

Banned on steam, wants to be non banned.



yes pleas can you unbend me ?

(Kirays) #5

If you are banned on the Steam forums try appealing to the mod that banned you - if you truely apologize for what you did you might be given another chance.

If you are banned from the game there is nothing you can do about it, cheating leads to a permanent ban.

(Meetrock) #6

I checked your profile pic after reading that. I laughed.

(David) #7

Someone please unbend his poor soul.

(jemstar) #8

Hoggy I told you to stop eating those shroomz!!

(Mc1412013) #9

Why ??? So u can have them to your self???