High Ping Servers

(pumpkinmeerkat) #1

Pings to US central and some US west servers are very high and fluctuating for me currently. My ping to US west is usually close to 80 and ping to US central 40-50. I Joined a Chicago server with 150-200 ping and had yellow and red connection indicators the entire match. A large number of players in the server also had 150-200+ ping so I feel like something might be off at the moment.

Also I get “unknown error” when loading the game multiple times and am still able to open the game but my account shows no level despite player stats being correct. Usually the second time I open the game it signs in fully but it still usually takes two tries to exit.


(ImSploosh) #2

I was just about to post about a similar issue. Just finished a ranked game where the server said U.S. East (New York), but my ping was around 180, somewhat steady. It definitely wasn’t my internet being wonky either. I was thinking it might be a SA server and some labeling was done wrong, not sure though. Some people in the server, who I know don’t ping very well to U.S. servers, had low pings, so that’s how I came to that conclusion.

Really not too sure though, I just know it was definitely something wrong on their end for this case. I normally ping around 60-70 to New York servers so 180 is not right. Ruined the Ranked match for me, but thankfully we still won.