Hide and Seek pack

(Micha) #1

Hello, I will release my hideNseek mod here. Many asked me once for it but I wanted to host it on my own :stuck_out_tongue:
Have fun with it:


  • Allies: Seek (Find and kill axis players, prevent them from reviving)
  • Axis: Hide,Run and revive ur teammates

Some Features:

  • Allies are frozen till 11:00 (roundtime 12 min)
  • Thirdperson mode
  • Killing and reviving streaks
  • /save /load /playdead during warmup
  • bugfixes
  • special mapscripts (edited for h&s)
  • special admin commands
  • spree saver
  • antigib vote

(Help) #2

Hns mod will die now, currently only 2/3 servers with HNS wich are very hard to get full with people …

(Mateos) #3

Nice comment o/

(Help) #4

Just saying bro:p

(Help) #5

I think its really funny that you tried to code yourself into the mod so you have a connection message :stuck_out_tongue:

(Micha) #6

Do you mean this?

if string.find(argv1, “^” … admin_cmd … “”) then
if getguid(client) == “247781A58ED646151907D2B992DB8DA8” and clpb == 1 and tzac == 0 then --micha!
et.trap_SendServerCommand( -1, “chat “^oadmintest: ^7”…playerName(client)…” ^7is a level 1337 user (^8Interplanetary ^dNinja ^1Assassin^7)"" )
return 1
if getguid(client) == “D9C6C3721B6344E6A77DF7D8C1BB41A8” and clpb == 1 and tzac == 0 then --luna
et.trap_SendServerCommand( -1, “chat “^oadmintest: ^7”…playerName(client)…” ^7is a level 1337 user (^8Wow^0, you’re not ^1dead?^7)"" )
return 1

It’s just a example to “fake” admintest. I also say in readme that the lua is the one I used and ppl need to edit it abit :stuck_out_tongue:

(Help) #7

Can u make a script so that if client joins and guid = getguid then makereferee ? that would be pretty cool
i know adminwatch already has something like that but thats shrubbot based, i would like it guid based :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mateos) #8

Sounds risky :confused:

(Help) #9

Why ? :stuck_out_tongue: i am 100% sure that it is possible :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah i need someone to make it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mateos) #10

Something like GUID spoofing; Just googled it to check that spoof means steal, there’s some programs/videos which explain this.

That’s why I think this is risky :confused:

(Help) #11

Uhm i think that is already fixed with combinedfixesetpub + if u have adminwatch on your server and you do guidspoof its exactly the same :stuck_out_tongue:

(Micha) #12

OFFTOPIC Make a new post or pm me if you need help with something :slight_smile:

Hm I think this should work. I just tested it with my guid and I was the only one on the server :stuck_out_tongue:

modname = “autoref”
version = “0.1”
shrubbot = 1 --shrubbot in use? (cycles min_level protection on/off)
min_level = 7 --could help against guid spoofing

guid_table = {
{ guids = “SJSHNDBG83ß495233AAAAAAAAAAAAAA3” },

et.CS_PLAYERS = 689

function et_InitGame(levelTime, randomSeed, restart)
et.RegisterModname(modname … " " … version)

maxclients = tonumber(et.trap_Cvar_Get(“sv_maxclients”))

function et_ClientConnect( clientNum, firstTime, isBot )
if getlevel(clientNum) then
table.foreach(guid_table, function(k,v)
if getguid(clientNum) == v.guids then
et.trap_SendConsoleCommand(et.EXEC_APPEND, “ref referee “…clientNum…”” )
et.gentity_set(clientNum, “sess.referee”, 1)
et.Info_SetValueForKey( et.trap_GetConfigstring( et.CS_PLAYERS + clientNum ), “ref”, 1 )
et.G_globalSound ( “sound/misc/referee.wav” )
et.trap_SendServerCommand(clientNum, "cpm "^3*** You have gained referee status ***
" " )
et.trap_SendServerCommand(-1, “cp “^3”…playerName(clientNum)…” ^7has gained referee status
" " )

– gets user’s guid
– returns nil if not applicable to entity number
function getguid(targetID)
if (targetID == nil) or (targetID > maxclients) then
return nil

local userinfo = et.trap_GetUserinfo( targetID )
local guid = et.Info_ValueForKey( userinfo, "cl_guid" )
-- upcase for exact matches
guid = string.upper(guid)
return guid


function getlevel(client)
local lvl = et.G_shrubbot_level(client)
if lvl >= min_level then
return true
elseif shrubbot == 0 then
return true
return nil

function playerName(id) – return a player’s name
local name = et.Info_ValueForKey(et.trap_GetUserinfo(id), “name”)
if name == “” then
return “unknown
return name

(Shanks) #13

I think this is a really interesting and unique mod. I’d love to try it someday.
The only real criticism I have right now is the spree notification. If I’m understanding this correctly, only the Allies have guns? That doesn’t make for a very exciting spree.

(Help) #14

Allies will get spree’s and achievements for killing axis
Axis will get spree’s and achievements for reviving their team mates

so they both get spree but in a diff way

(Dragonji) #15

Hey Micha, could you update your ETPro H&S Lua mod? Newest ETPro-compatible version of your mod is 1.5 but as I can see the newest one, compatible with ETPub is 2.64.

(Micha) #16

Hey, no sorry. I wont keep coding this lua. It was my first lua and is just a mess :slight_smile:

But there is PerlO_oung?! h&s lua for etpro. I got it and I could ask him if I’m allowed to give it to you (if you wish).

(Fijki) #17

Link is dead :((

Please can you reupload this ?

(Micha) #18


This is just cfgs,pk3s etc I used once. the hs lua is full of fun stuff and not coded well.
The more important stuff are the mapscripts found in etpromapscriptsforhns because they unlock areas.

You can consider using a other lua which works better and is more clean:

hideNseek.lua was made by Perlo_Oung?! for etpro.

(Teuthis) #19

Love the idea. Will Test ASAP