Here's a new ETBlight version

(Smurfer) #1

server admin to server admin, it does NOT contain automatic GUID/etkey generation. It’s built on etpub 0.9.1 as a hobby experiment.
It does not have Mac support.

It’s a better, more polished version of the 1.0 and 1.1 I posted a while ago. I especially urge to replace their current files with this one. Just throw the old ones out (Edit: Except, they have old Mac support). This one has a fully fleshed out Tripmine and etc. Stats not getting messed up. etc, etc. Invaluable code/cleanup from TP|kaos.

So many things I wish I could do better.
The Chainsaw is still a lot of fun, but there’s no denying the 1st person models could be better. etc. etc. etc.

(Smurfer) #2

Well, my own’s been going stable for as long as 14 days in a row. I’d might as well put it up.
I wish it could be better, but cuyrrently it’s not.

BTW, the MN Proto has a funky reload, I know.

(diaboliksmart) #3


Thanks for your work man !

Hey, I wanted to register on your forum but got the msg "Unable to send email. Contact the site administrator if the problem persists. " and nothing in my mailbox.

I wanted to post about FPS low, I was with 2.6B client on your ETFun test server. Usually have 125FPS on other mods, and was 45-55FPS spectator at fueldump.

Let’s go on your forum Smurfer to talk about it.


(Smurfer) #4

Thanks for your effort.
Sorry about the forum-stuff. It’s a work in progress. I enabled your account.

Did you remember to exec your cfg in the new mod-environment? I assume you did, since you are posting here.

(Smurfer) #5

I’m not sure, diabolik, how much it matters in performance, if you code a 10+ WP_s (about 10 x 400 lines) in there. I can say that it does not seem to matter on my own machine.
I have an old i5 and an old 740 gt. That’s my main testing place for etblight.

Again, thanks for your interest.

(diaboliksmart) #6

Hi man - sorry because I’ve forgotten my password the login processus is ko.
Anyway I’m going to test again, maybe just one option is slowing my framerate.
I have a good i3 and a good HD6850 xD
Want to see this chainsaw hé hé
You have to be congratuled for this bright work !
Long life to Wolfenstein

(canglez) #7


I try to start my server with etblight 1.1.9 in windows 10 and landa an error that prevents it from starting.

It’s something related to “human / base M1932”

How can I solve it ?, I would like to be able to use this mod.

Thank you very much.

A greeting.

(ryven) #8

You sure you have copied qagame_mp_x86.dll from the zip?

(Smurfer) #9

Thanks for the interest, canglez.

Only thing I can think of is that etblight requires lua files present.
I’ve uploaded a more structured install zip that contains the lua files.
There’s an install-page here (same as the install.txt in the zip).