Help with compiling my map


First off my jk2 map is gigantanormous in size. I have a sky portal. The map compiles fine, but sometimes the sky portal (_skybox) fails entirely and doesn’t appear. It works maybe 50% of time. However, if I delete a little bit from by sky portal, then it works 100% of time. If I add just a little bit to the sky portal brushes, then it always fails so I’m right on the edge of it working vs. failing.

Here are my current compile settings

bsp_q3map2/q3map2: (final) BSP -meta -notjunc, -vis, -light -fast -samples 2 -lomem

Worldspawn Information
_lightmapscale 10
_blocksize 0
_chopsize 0
ambient 15

I’m wondering if a new PC would help or if more memory would help vs be wasted effort? Also idk what type of memory I would need? ram? more cache memory? faster processor?

Here is my current computer that is a a few years old

Intel QX9650 3 gigahtz, 12 MB cache, 4 core processor
(Two of these) Patriot 1 GB DDR3 1333 MHZ LL PC3-10666 AW110 AW110 XMP intel memory
32 bit windows Vista
Nvidia nforce 7901 ultra sli motherboard

Again, the map will always compile OK, but it’s the sky portal that fails when things get too complex.

(ailmanki) #2

Why notjunc ? either you are a excellent mapper - and made it all manually or that is no good idea.

Better PC shouldnt help. There where things get to complex, it probably just gets confused and doesnt draw the skybox, maybe you can have some screenshots with tris visible where it fails? and where it does not fail.


Well I have no junctions on and I mostly don’t mitter the edges, but I’m not seeing in sparkles so I don’t see why it matters in that case.

As for the sky portal, I have the last map that was working because I back up a lot. Only it works 50% of the time without my modifying it.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it won’t. Takes about 30-40 min to compile.

I add just a little bit and I get 100% fail. Like I said it’s some sort of memory issue but I don’t know what type or if a different computer would be worthwhile.

(ailmanki) #4

I don’t know if its a memory problem, but I doubt its the classic one - where more ram would fix this problem.

I suggest, if you have not already, to convert the skybox to an ase.

I have always mittered my brushes, I don’t know if it causes anything else then sparklies, but I believe it could cause more problems then only sparklies. If its a detail brush it should not matter, but a structural one … hm - I don’t understand well enough the bsp process to argue about this.

(suj8) #5

why dont you try deleting a few unrequired areas ? and convert the big parts to ASE ?
Some screenshots would help to understand how your map is build.