[HELP] Incomplete map: RTCW - Tower

(PuNkReAS*) #1

Hello to everyone!

Today is a dear friend of mine (he worked in the RTCW Cooperative Mod) was looking for me to have a map which worked before, but now there are other engagements, so you can not finish the job he started.

With his permission I am writing here now.
We are looking for experts who have the desire, ideas and time to complete the map.

If there is interest, referred to as file and share it with the instructions of the author.

Thank you for your attention.

(ronboy) #2

I have never heard of this map before. Would you mind showing some screenshots if possible? :slight_smile:

(PuNkReAS*) #3

I can not show picture, but I tested the map. If you want I’ll post with instructions. :slight_smile:

(PuNkReAS*) #4

Unfortunately I can not show picture, but if anyone’s interested, include the maker’s instructions and the map.

(W0lfMan) #5

If once I have released my next map, still no one has taken responsibility for this one, I would be interested in completing it.

(ronboy) #6

Thanks to tzs, I have seen this map for myself. It has an interesting layout, as well as a small Wolf 3d area, but also has quite a few design errors. I would be interested in completing this map, but I’m already busy enough with two other Rtcw projects. :frowning:

(PuNkReAS*) #7

I sent W0lfMan, will consider :slight_smile:

(vicpas) #8

Hello, WolfMan.
Are you working in this map?

I am asking, because if your answer is “no”, i pretend use it on my future SP project.

(W0lfMan) #9

No, I am not.

(vicpas) #10

Ok, Can i use it on my project?

(W0lfMan) #11

I don’t know. Have you asked tzs?

(vicpas) #12

Yes, i asked and he sent me the map.

(vicpas) #13

This map will be used in Age of Horror project, unless the author write to me contesting this my decision.

Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4tiO6ocTsaw

(vicpas) #14

Now, there is a version SP for this map on addon Age of Horror.
It is not on normal gameplay, because it figures as a secret level.

(vicpas) #15

If anyone wants to create a multiplayer version of this map I will be able to make available all the requirements, including the source for this production.

(PuNkReAS*) #16

I won’t be the one -unfortunately- to make a Multiplayer map out of this, but I could use the sharing. I would use it on my server. :slight_smile: