Hello, also would like a lil help downloadin quake wars plz <3

(WhiteFlight17) #1

Hello!! My name is Blaise I just got a PC recently and I looooooved Enemy territory on the xbox and would like to get it on PC, cant seem to find a download for the game anywhere. Anyone know where I could buy it and download it? Thank ya!

(Loffy) #2

Hi! https://www.splashdamage.com/wolfet
Good luck, have fun.

(Runeforce) #3

Only place I know of where you could buy it online and download it was Steam, but they don’t offer it anymore (due to the hopelessly and dangerously outdated anti-cheat software.) Quake Wars is from the era where you had to physicly buy games in the store.

Have you tried Amazon?

PS. If you do a little digging, you might still be able to find it torrented.

He’s asking for Quake Wars :slight_smile:

(Loffy) #4

omg, youngsters putting vital stuff in headings/subject line… :wink:
missed that, thx Rune!

(Snotling) #5


If you love ETQW as much as you say, you might have to prove it with €/$. Here’s how to get yourself a key : https://www.amazon.fr/ACTIVISION-5030917035890-Enemy-Territory-Quake/dp/B000G2Y5H6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1517413558&sr=8-2&keywords=enemy+territory+quake+wars

Then, don’t forget to dl the last update before starting your game so that the PB update doesn’t leave you at the front door and you’ll be good to go fragging on old school laggy servers with lots of hardcore, undying, ETQW lovers.