HDET: High-Definition Enemy Territory

(Berzerkr) #1

This texture modification was developed in order to give Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory more detailed textures.
All textures appearing in the stock-maps are doubled in size, got discreet bumpmapping and were saved with maximum quality.

Basicially it was not a big deal to rework the textures, but it was a very time-consuming procedure to rework every single texture… :stroggtapir:

(Pande) #2

Looks great. My god: this picture: the boulder in the left looks like it was rendered in 3ds Max with ray tracing. 0.0


(Miki) #3

Looks nice, nice job :slight_smile:

(th0rn3) #4

Cool, but I saw this on hirntot site a week ago… Anyway, downloading now

(shagileo) #5

Perhaps a little ‘dumb’ question, but will it influence FPS performance? I mean, if you have a ‘crappy’ graphic card, will it influence the gameplay?

(Berzerkr) #6

@ shagileo:

I heared it does not drop your FPS or makes a server laggy if it’s in the etmain.
But I think to use this graphic-mod makes only sense if you play with maximum details.

Put the pk3 only in the etmain folder of a server, then it will not be downloaded to players.

(Saadi) #7

So it just “replaces” the original textures, so i can download it, go on a Server with ex. goldrush map and I see them in HQ, or?

(shagileo) #8

I think the server needs the pack as well, but that’s just what I think :rolleyes:

(Berzerkr) #9

Yes, it’s only replacing the textures and the server needs it in the etmain, too.

(C) #10

will it influence FPS performance?

i don’t know if my GFX7800 is crappy, but my (single CPU old P4) system still shows the same framerate… without or with HDET (y)

(ischbinz) #11

i play always in 800x600 window mode - so i think its senseless for me?!

(IndyJones) #12

it’s not much about resolution, but r_picmip…