Gun model position/visible

(Wepohn) #1

Hey guys, I’m not sure if this is something many people would want and it doesn’t seem to be a feature that I see often in modern games however, a similar option as to what’s available in Quake; normal, left, centre, right, or even a visibility, would be nice in my opinion.

(Kurnuttaja) #2

I would like smaller hands and guns, sometimes the hands are ridiculously huge.

(Wepohn) #3

I think Tribes is the most recent game that allowed you to toggle smaller gun models.

(BomBaKlaK) #4

Gun model is to big on a lot of weapon.

(coruscate) #5

The standard Sniper (Can’t remember the full name) is ridiculously huge u cant see shit while reloading, FoV slider like RTCW! would be the best

(PixelTwitch) #6

This has been suggested quite a few times from what I can see. I would hope to see the option come in for Open Beta but I don’t think its a huge priority right now :slight_smile: