[ Guide ] Custom Keybinds and Auto-Executables

(Eox) #21

I gotchu.

(Oxayotl) #22

Is binding long jump to a single button not considered cheating? I won’t ever be flagged as a cheater for doing this? If so why on earth is it not available on the normal interface?

([ *O.C.B.* ] Wildcard) #23

Nope, it isn’t cheating. As for why it isn’t included in the base game, I can’t really give an answer for that. It could be a number of things, be it developer oversight or they feel it a waste of resources to implement; in honesty they likely haven’t bothered to since it can be achieved via the in-game console, or auto-executable files easily enough.

(Kehoru) #24

No problem at all, glad I helped you notice the typo.
Thank you again for this guide that truly helps me enjoy the game much more.

(ASD) #25


just a stupid question but is it possible to directly connect to favorite server (or my own - now as we can have our own servers)
if yes what is the command for this?


([ *O.C.B.* ] Wildcard) #26

I’m looking into it at the moment. I don’t have admin access to a server so I’m mostly having to refer to the folks in O.C.B. and my friend Melonpopr for the different commands available. I’ll let you know via a private message if I come across something that might work, but as of now I’m left with the answer of it may be possible; I can’t make any guarantees though that it’ll work but I’m gonna try and see if I can get it to.

(ASD) #27

Hi Wildcard,

I think you missunderstand…
I would like to autoexec my client to directly connect to my server … I’m just lazy and dont want to klick on “play” and Serverbrowser and search for my server and connect to it :slight_smile:

thanks anyway


([ *O.C.B.* ] Wildcard) #28

Oh, I’m aware that’s what you meant. I’m saying I need to know how the game perceives it as a command entry in order to create the setup for the autoexec’s command-line; its similar to how one creates custom hotkeys to enter commonly typed-out text into chat with ease (e.g. gg, gl hf, etc.) as you need to know that it considers the statement say as entering into “All Chat” within that command-line for the autoexec.

(ASD) #29

ah ok… then i misunderstood the server stuff :slight_smile:

and maybe can I also be automaticaly authenticated as admin?