Guardian should be able to heal using her AoE revive

(frostyvampire) #1

It has a cooldown so you can’t constantly revive like other medics.
And let’s be honest, how often will the fact her revive is AoE going to benefit the team that much? The radius of it is pretty small and usually if you are able to revive 1 person you will revive the other one as well as any medic.

She just doesn’t feel like a medic. You can’t have her solo medic because she is not a healer and the cooldown on her revive just makes her feel as a disadvantage. I honestly would rather just have an engie with that active defense drone (idk what it’s actually called I’ll just call it ADD) so I can stop worrying about grenades while repairing.

So please, just make it so her revive also heals teammates in it’s range up to 100hp - the amount of health it heals will be the same amount of health as a teammate would’ve been revived with if they were revived instead (except Get Up would have no effect on the healing).
You can increase the cooldown and lower the self-heal amount if she becomes too strong. But don’t leave her unable to heal

tl;dr: make her revive ability also heal

(TheStrangerous) #2

That would put Phoenix out of business, unfortunately…

(frostyvampire) #3

@TheStrangerous said:
That would put Phoenix out of business, unfortunately…

Which is why I said they can lower the self heal amount and increase cooldown.
Or they could just decrease the healing in general so it won’t heal up to 100hp, but still keep it useful of course. (let’s say full charge will heal teammates for 70hp and yourself for 50).
And if it still hurts Phoenix too much, I don’t mind a tiny buff to him

(Szakalot) #4


(Guziol) #5

Absolutely not. Her strenght lies in good speed and small hitbox for a 110hp merc with strong weapons. Her being able to revive is just an afterthought, she is not a real medic.

(Tcorn) #6

Nope, she’s fine without the healing. She’s a support in a similar way to Sparks.

(CyberVonCyberus) #7

honestly she feels more like an engineer, maybe she should’ve gotten better Defuse/plant/repair instead of her revive

(Esaka) #8

I can’t see this happening. Though what I can see is her revive heals any downed teammates back to their full health without charge, the cooldown would still be present to prevent spamming though.

(CombatMist) #9

Please stop trying to put guardian in this medic box of revive + heal + smg. She is not built for that and wont be. She is a hybrid that shatters the mold of medic/support. Anything beyond giving the revived tough for 10 seconds totally puts sawbonez out of business. Sawbonez is already being pushed out pretty hard by guardian with faster speed, smaller hit box and assault rifles. Any more and its the final nail in sawbonez coffin. If you give her any significant heal more than tough she will just be a medic+. She she traded defenses of sustain healing for great base stats and weapons. She has the most combat potential of all “medics”. Change your paradyme that she is not a primary medic which are aura/phoenix and is at the bottom of the secondary medic list for medicing of sawbonez/sparks/guardian. She makes up for healing with power. She prevents damage instead of healing it. When that fails she has a super underrated and the best revive.