Guardian Radius Marker

(Cordyceps) #1

Should players really be able to see the radius of an enemy guardian’s sky shield? I think that it being visible to the enemy team is basically creating a giant sign that says “DO NOT PUT YOUR EXPLOSIVES HERE” and hugely reduces the effectiveness of guardian’s sky shield.

(DB Genome editor) #2

Not being able to see the sky shield might actually cause a lot of confusion / frustration. When they see that their explosives are having no effect, some people may not understand that it’s because there is an active sky shield out there which they cannot see. Now on the other hand if you keep throwing stuff at the big red dome, you have no one to blame but yourself…

(Eox) #3

I think it’s fine. Actually makes things easier to figure out in case of glitches since it’s simple to know where and when projectiles are supposed to be taken down. I guess having your own molly eaten by one of those you didn’t see would be both confusing and rather frustrating.

The goal of the AARG is to prevent the use of projectiles, but I don’t think it should be used to trick enemies into wasting their own abilities.

(kopyright) #4

Most passive enemy deployables are visible from afar, including Turtle’s shield which isn’t too different from the sky shield.