Goodbye 2015, hello 2016.

(gg2ez) #1

Happy New Years from down under, where our timezone is the only thing our country advances in.

May your 2016 be safe, happy, and as free of RNG as possible.

Have a good one. -gg2ez

(BananaSlug) #2

u 2 m8

(watsyurdeal) #3

Maybe I’ll get those abs this year XD

(SereneFlight) #4

happeh new yaer.
tiem to get something to… drink… and play db… (it sucks that I have relatively small bladder tho)

(SteelMailbox) #5

It was a really shit year when you think about it. ISIS became more threatening, paris attacks, A fire in a large ass building in Dubai next to the largest building in the world I can’t remember it’s name. You name it.
Let’s hope 2016 will be better.