Give concepts a rest, what about skin/ obsidian suggestions?

(zykeroth) #1

If you have ever thought “Hey, X merc would look great in Y outfit” , post that too!

(Mr.Cuddlesworth) #2

I would like all the mercs dressed up 80s style, or 30s mafia. Not just the outfits, but the hair as well to match the time period. Phoenix for example would look nice Michael Jackson’s thriller outfit.

(Wintergreen) #3

Nader and Javelin in a dirndl for a fall update. Not a skimpy one; a badass one that works with a Halloween or explosive theme. Or just make it a hot skimpy one. I don’t care. Think it would be awesome for the Germanic mercs. Game is cheesy enough with the satire anyway.

(Demonic_Muff1n) #4

javelin and nader would look good in commando outfits with the military uniforms and the face paint.

(Da_Mummy) #5

Sure as if I’m not already getting asked enough if I want a “gute Bratwurst mit einem schönen Weißbier” enough :smile:
Sadly it wouldn’t work since all the other obsidians barely had to do anything with nationalitys (Phoenix with a Sombrero or Fletcher in a Massai outfit… Not really)
Would be fun sadly not really fitting.

(TheStrangerous) #6

Masked merc should have maskless versions!

(Da_Mummy) #7

So they (kinda) leaked that the next Obsidian will be female and I hope to RNGesus that it will indeed be Nader. Hopefully it will be something like a more military type dressup like Gears of War female armor. And please don’t include any fanservice whoever it is ;D


What about some MiB/X-Files parodies? That and Redeye dressing up as MGS4’s tuxedo costume for Solid Snake.

I don’t think this would fit on all mercs sadly…