Give Cobalt back some value .

(JonBongNoJovi) #1

Cobalt is suppose to be the top tier card to own but at present is overshadowed by the amount of special edition cards available , in what way can they be made desirable again ?

ie. credit boost for every cobalt used from 2.5% - 5% - 10%

(MuddyGrenade) #2

At this point, cobalts are just milestones. I wish they made them cheaper to craft, but at the end of the day Obsidians and Special Editions will always be above them, in terms of specialty.

(GatoCommodore) #3

for me cobalt is always the best looking, even the new weapon skins arent that good
(i wish i never had that KMA crap looking skin)

(bgyoshi) #4

Cobalt was never top tier, it’s just shiny.

You can still “reroll” Cobalts, sort of. At least more than special edition cards. Since those special editions are pure RNG, I can guarantee that turning your favorite non-cobalt card into a cobalt is still at the top of everyone’s list, presuming you weren’t lucky enough to get it in special edition.

You could also be like me, where loadouts are pure cosmetics, and you just use whatever shiny primary you like best. I have no MOA/MP400 combo cards for Vas so I pretty much always use his default card.


Not much you can do with cobalts in game without getting P2W accusations. A lucky level 4 who bought a bunch of cases and is getting more credits because of that means they can do a lot faster, even if it’s a small increase.

(Your worst knifemare.) #6

Still valuable for me. My only cobalt was from an elite case.