Getting a Mod Running.

(kamikazee) #41

Well, it won’t work as you’d want.
It could be that it still loads the artwork and other changed stuff, but uses the game code of etmain, resulting in errors when a guy using Linux tries to connect to a server.

As I said, you need someone to compile it under Linux, or do it yourself. But I’d go for the first, since setting up Linux can mess up your Windows if you do it wrong. (If you do it good, no harm is done, but it’s best to think worst-case)

(P4nth3r) #42

hmmmm, I’ll have a look at that. (i’m no linux guy)
But I remember that the older msv5 made so files, but I don’t have it anymore and can’t find it on the web. =(

Greetz Panther aka Way2Evil

(IneQuation) #43

*.so (so = shared object) files are Linux *.dll equivalents. Just FYI. :wink:

(jobe314) #44

i got some pb.
i dont have the *.so with my mod where can i find them? get after compiling?
because i only have *.dll, *.lib, *.exp and *.map after compiling.

(kamikazee) #45

You’ve got them to compile them yourself using Linux.
Have you’ve got a Linux install or know someone with one?

(jobe314) #46

i must have *.so to do mymod running or not necesseray if i run it on Windows?

(P4nth3r) #47

To run it on windows you don’t need .so files.

Greetz Panther aka Way2Evil

(kamikazee) #48

Well, it will only run on Windows then, not on Linux…

(killersimpson) #49

hmm sorry about this noob question… but what do you mean by…


i lost you there :???: :banghead: :banghead:

(kamikazee) #50

Well, you have to make a new folder in your Wolfenstein:ET directory (The one with etmain IN it) with the name of your mod.
Then you put all .dll’s, and all .so’s in that folder. (* actually means: put any text here as long as the whole string is a filename)

(killersimpson) #51

oh im stupid
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(Aftermath) #52

Are you supposed to put in “set fs_game mymod” in the console? I’ve done that but it doesn’t do anything.

(Chruker) #53

No, you need to put that one on the command line. Ex. et.exe +set fs_game yourmod

(lilsaint) #54

hello my name is lilsaint do you know anything about how to play or host in that wolfeinstein game because i download it to my computer and i coldnt host or play the game maybe can you help me wit this problem. [ul][/ul] :drink:

(lilsaint) #55

wich one i dont know what command

(kamikazee) #56

This is a thread on how to start your own mod, afaik. You would have more luck when searching on Google for “enemy territory server setup guide”. (including the quotes)

BTW: Punctuation is a nice thing to learn. It makes sentences more readable. :wink:

(NoAlternative) #57

I am testing my mod. It runs good when i host it non dedicated windows.
However when I have a server and a client, The client downloads my pk3 with the dll’s in it, but it doesn’t unpack the dll’s to the mod folder.
This causes the client to join under etmain.

The mod works when the client already has the dll’s.

server: 3 dll’s in mod folder
3 dll’s in mymod.pk3

client before: nothing
client after: mymod.pk3
profiles folder

plz help me with this problem

(SCDS_reyalP) #58

Make sure the server is running sv_pure 1

(NoAlternative) #59

thx mate, easy solution

(Raedwulf) #60

Hello there:

Just having some problems getting a mod running, well but I got the dlls compiled :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve compiled the DLLs using MSVC 2003 toolkit,
Created a directory in ET, ETdbg
Copied the DLLs in there.
Created a mpbin.pk3 in ETdbg, and put the DLLs in there too

Made a bat file to run et
start ET.exe +set fs_game etdbg

And it crashes
VM_Create on UI failed

Can someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong? Cheers