General Announcement about Social Media Over the Holidays

(RazielWarmonic) #1

Hey Dirty players!

We will be taking a break at the end of the year here to visit our families and celebrate the holidays, and as such we will not be replying on our social media channels from Friday the 23rd through Sunday the 1st. We do, however, have content scheduled to go out during this period to hopefully tide you over. We thank everyone for playing Dirty Bomb, and I personally can’t wait to see you on the flip side for a bright and shiny new year! :blush:

Cheers and happy holidays,

PS: Feel free to send me all the pics of your awesome gifts, family pictures, Christmas trees, etc to my personal Twitter, I love seeing that stuff.

(The_N00Ba) #2

Happy Holidays. :slight_smile:

(BlackboltLW) #3

Friday the 23rd sounds like a good title for horror movies

jk happy holiday guys

(onLooSe) #4

Funny. Weren’t you on a break already, because the last relevant post is from 16th… and one from 20th just to close a cheater thread? I think this thread is one week late.

(Ardez1) #5

Are you related to Buzz Killington by chance?

Merry (almost) Christmas everybody!