Gameplay still lags

(Legacynium) #1

Before the melee mayhem update, everything was butter smooth even on medium/high settings with very slight occasional stutters but nothing too serious. But after the update, the game is quite unplayable as simply by making sharp turn to engage on attackers will result in obvious stutters and fps drop. The moment I engage in any gun fights in close range, the fps will drop instantly by a lot and this is obviously unfavourable and leads to frustrating moments.

I have already lowered my graphical settings to the minimal but stutters are still there. I doubt I have any sound drivers incompatibility anymore as I fixed it. I already did a full uninstall, verifying game files thru steam. I have checked that the game is indeed running on the intended GPU as I have set this game to run on it on the nvidia control panel. Also, apparently this game is no longer recognised as a game in the geforce experience oddly.

I currently have a windows 10 home, i7-7700HQ, GTX 1060 6GB & DirectX 12 to boot.

And yes, I believe this is still occurring after that performance issue hotfix patch :frowning:

(ClemClem7) #2

I don’t know if I have the same problem, I have high drop of FPS from 60 to approximatively 19FPS, but not as the classic FPS drop, here the sound is weird too. It drops for 1or 2 seconds then goes to a normal rate for about 30s to 1mn, then drops again.
I don’t use a very high setup, but I ran this game on minimal with about 40/50FPS before the MELEE MAYEM UPDATE and now, I run at higer FPS (which is good) but with unplayable drops.
It tends to drop at each intense action, or some specifics sounds. Maybe it is tied to the sound bug ?
I tried verifying game files, deleting config folder to let the game create a new one, uninstall and reinstall the game, did the NVIDIA thing like it was suggested in another thread on GENERAL chat. Nothing seems to fix this.

EDIT : Just looked at the use of the GPU and CPU, both seems to be normal (not 100%) when it occurs.
EDIT2: Even at 50% RenderScale it drops. Sometimes it remains stable for few minutes.

(Legacynium) #3

It does sounds awfully similar to my case