Game Will Not Start (DEVS PLEASE HELP)

(Krakajak) #1

Myself and many others simply cannot launch the game. The green bar will load, and then the game will either never open, or the EAC error 30005 will pop up, with no solution.
I have verified files.
I have deleted and reinstalled DB
I have deleted and reinstalled EAC
I have reinstalled the distributables
I have run everything as Admin
I have repaired DB using the EAC setup
I cannot find any sort of fix to this.
I am not using any form of cheats, nor do I have any on my system.
If there is any fix to this, please respond with one.
I am not alone in this issue, I have seen other discussions with this problem on these forums, as well as the steam forums.

(CaRe) #2

Does the error message give you more information than the error ID? Googling it indicates that it attempts to install its services into Windows’ system folders and fails.

Does EAC’s log file tell you anything?

If you have anti-virus software, disable it and try again.

(bunnyhopping) #3

You’re not alone in this, me aswell as many other ppl are experiencing the same issue,it started with the last windows 10 update, then it resolved itself for a couple of days and now it’s back. I haven’t played DB in 3 days now because devs really seem to be ignoring the issue

(Skyler) #4

i just had my update for the windows 10 winter creator update yesterday, no idea why i got it so late. but since then i cannot play dirtybomb, ive allowed dirtybomb through firewall, disabled firewall, made sure everything is running as administrator. verified files, though the only error codes i get is when i try to open dirty bomb 3 or 4 times after each fail, cause technically the anticheat and dirtybomb both appear in my task manager. but still not working. even tried the compatibility mode but nothing. welp… hopefully its just DB not compatible with current windows 10 creators update and the next DB update fixes it, lets hope

(Krakajak) #5

CaRe, I added it to my exceptions list, and even went so far as to uninstall my anti-virus. I’ve made the folders that the game is looking for, and EAC’s log file does not provide any helpful info

(henki000) #6

My game does not launch either. I got it launched once, after trying to launch several times and playing star wars game few hours. I see EAC loading screen and then nothing. There is Dirty Bomb in task manager. When I shut down windows, I get game security violation windows flashing. Didnt catch the code. I have verified and updated EAC. I dont have time to look more deeply into this, so please someone need to find a solution.

(henki000) #7

Updated antivirus (avast?) and mouse drivers. I quess problem is solved for me.