[GAME] Slow walk bug!

(violetJuggler) #1

So every 2-3 games I run into a bug where my character walks EXTREMELY slowly. I have not found any type of fix for this I just basically have to play the whole game while holding shift, its incredibly annoying and quite the hindrance on my performance in the game (Can’t strafe :(((. )


(TheNinth) #2

It’s your walk key, go to your settings > controls and bind it to Alt or something, then tap it once.

(athleticInspiration) #3

^^^ Does not work. I have had this bug numerous times and have done exactly what you described and it persists till the end of the game.

(TheNinth) #4

Not sure what else could be wrong then, sorry.

(Frag Pimp) #5

Ive had this bug also, its an annoying one. I cant tell what triggers it and the only way it goes away is with a new map.

(waryPunch) #6

What triggers it is when talking and pressing space to spawn at the same time! i have this buy nearly every game