Game is crashing at start-up

(Sceint) #1

From past 10 days, the game is crashing at startup.

Tried verifying game files integrity.
Tried running the game and steam as admin.
All drivers are up to date and all dependencies are installed.

I am using Windows 10 Build 17692.

Logs :

(Mustang) #2

Does verifying find any missing files though?
Try whitelisting the install directory in your antivirus and verifying again.
If that doesn’t work try deleting and reinstalling.

(Sceint) #3

Verifying integrity showed everything is fine.

Whitelisting the folder in antivirus gave the same result.

I did try deleting and reinstalling the game.

No luck.

(Mustang) #4

There are a few other suggestions for things to try here: Tips to fixing wierd problems

What actually happens when it crashes, do you see a “click here to send a crash report” sort of popup, or does it just close the game without any messages.

(Sceint) #5

I did try all the suggestions from that link with no luck.

Yes, I am getting “click here to send a crash report” popup and I did send a report few times.