Game Freezes?

(Warlord_BD) #1

My game’s been freezing a lot lately. Only during loading maps and lobby. Can you help?

(DarkMatterMatt) #2

I used to have something like this; have you tried [Ctrl + Alt + Del] then [Esc]? I had to do this every map load for about a month until I got my new computer. Do this as soon as the loading spinner on the map loading screen stops spinning.

(Warlord_BD) #3

but i cant do that every time the game freezes… it doesnt work at times. @RazielWarmonic could you help pls?

(RazielWarmonic) #4

Hey there Warlord,

This probably goes behind my area of expertise in trying to figure this out. If you could please send a ticket to our customer support team, as this looks like a problem with your connection or something running on your computer rather than an actual game issue, they will be able to investigate easier and help you out.

You can reach them here:

Thanks! :smile:

(FireWorks) #5

Sounds like a classic HD issue on your end. Everything freezes til the harddrive can deliver what its asked for.
I just had it noticed in a different game. My SSD was close to full and performing awefully.

(Dawnlazy) #6

The same thing started happening for me after the last patch… game suddenly freezes for several seconds out of nowhere a few times during matches. I’m pretty sure it’s a game issue since it’s happened after the patch, which (unsurprisingly) also seemed to drop my FPS.