Game freezes when loading map.

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So I upgraded to Windows 10 last night. Prior to doing so I have 800 hours in the game and no technical problems. I run Dirty Bomb and join a game - everything is working as it should and about 10 seconds into the loading screen of any map, BAM - the loading icon stops moving and the music stops. When this happens I can see in Task Manager that Dirty Bomb isn’t responding. I have tried alt tabbing but the game just crashes and goes back to the main menu. This happens every time. I have tried reinstalling the game, verifying the game files, and changing the property attributes. This is really bugging me. Will I never be able to play the game again? Or is there a probable cause for this particular issue? :frowning:



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UPDATE: The only work around to the freeze is ALT+TAB then CTRL+ALT+DEL then enter the game again and it stops not responding. It happens when loading maps and changing the games video settings… wtf is causing this…?

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im running windows 10 man and have been since day well when they started pushing it. crashing might be your gpu or some drivers in your pc just not working after all the engine dirtybomb runs off has a lot of problems with current drivers… aka takes awhile to patch. besides that you got me maybe a mod is better suited… personally windows 10 runs this game like a god even on my old R7 250 AMD card

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While loading a map, ctrl + alt + delete and then hit cancel (or escape). If it doesn’t work change the game to borderless.

I have this problem too. Once I played in borderless mode and I didn’t have the bugs, but since I decided to play on low resolution for more fps I had to play in fullscreen and got the bugs, ctrl+alt+dlt+esc fixed it but if it doesn’t just play on borderless

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contact support, they usually help