Game freeze

(Be Happy) #1


I’ve 170h of fun on the game, and nothing wrong to be reported. But since like 2 days, i’ve every once in a while (at least 2 or 3 times per match) a game freeze for a few seconds. Very frustrating and disapointing, specially in fight or crucial moment like air strike, objective job, etc etc.

My connexion is good, my computer is ok (and i’ve checked to lower setting, i’ve been playing in low graphics but my pc can do a lot better … lol).
I’ve done a recent complete scan of anti virus, defrag, tune up check, etc etc.

Is there something new in the code or anything ? I’ve heard from player that some have this too, but it’s not that common. Thx for helping and i hope this will be fixed soon.

(Be Happy) #2

Up. I modify the game settings in low (and almost everything in OFF), still issues. This morning i didn’t have problem, it seemed to dissapear, but then it re-appears …