Game doesnt sign me in... because of a system file that does not exist

(Shadownet) #1

Well its in the title…
Dirty Bomb wont sign me in because of a untrusted system file that does not exist…
like wtf can i have some help here… it started doing this weird glitch all day today…

(Nail) #2

using any proxy programs

(Shadownet) #3

No i dont use any proxy programs… I got some suggestions from another people and also from looking around!

  1. Reinstall the game
  2. Delete Malwarebytes
  3. Reboot
  4. Verify Integrity of the game files

(Mustang) #4

Sometimes EasyAntiCheat goes wonky for a bit, I heard some other people having very similar error messages this week, it might just start working by itself at some point.

(Shadownet) #5

Well i reinstalled and whatnot, the game launched however i got some EAC INTEGRITY ERROR… saying that some file is missing or isnt found… it was called shooterpack(us) something… idk… atm i am verifying the integrity of the game files…

(Shadownet) #6


Game works.
After validating it found a missing file! the missing file was acquired with success and the game works fine now… the menu is little laggy but thats expected so Kudos to everyone… gonna play one match and post an update.

(Shadownet) #7

UPDATE: Game works perfectly fine, no bugs, no errors, no crashes… 100% success!

Played 5 matches and all was perfect! Kudos

<3 -Shadownet