[GAME BUG]Randomly Walking Speed

(SelfConceited) #1

Playing stopwatch I just ran into a slow walking bug. Mid game I just started walking slower and only way to move normally is if I hold shift. Restarted the game and the next match it occurred again.

(athleticInspiration) #2

I get this several games a day, usually when I am in the zone and constantly using the movement features. People thought that I was just hitting a toggle walk switch when I was complaining about it.

It fixes after every game from what I noticed, but not between sides in stopwatch. I.e. If you play an objective game and it ends you will be fine when the new game of OBJ starts. If you get it on the first half of stopwatch it will continue into the second half.

rather annoying to play with this bug as it eliminates speed which is crucial, especially for lighter weight classes.

(cornsilkGoal) #3

yeah this really needs to be addressed I cant believe it’s still ongoing. but its not stopping me from playing i guess

(cannyIbis) #4

Bmp happen to me also

(JohnzBallad) #5

Same with me. When it happends, I change my merc - spawn - die - change to the first one and it`s gone.

(streetwiseMime) #6

this is bloody annoying. Please fix it.

(amethystSeal) #7

Yes i also experienced it, running was fine but walking was a crawl

(streetwiseMime) #8

It seems to happen when back is turned and get shot, running slows, than walk is slow the rest of the game. For the love of all that is holy, bloody fix this.

(fictitiousBook) #9

I just had this bug i had to assign a key to the walk bindings and press it in game to make me run again.

(misspo) #10

I know how to fix it. In the game there is a “slow button” key (like shift in csgo). Just press it in game and it will fix it

(Ardez1) #11

Thank you for reporting this bug. Has anybody been able to find a workaround for this?

(DedlySpyder) #12

So, I haven’t exactly tracked it down as to why yet, but its happened twice. I respawn halfway through a game and my movement speed, for any character, is as slow as if I am crouching. Only while walking though, I still run at normal speed. I have checked my buttons to make sure they are not sticking and everything seems fine.

The 2nd time it happened I noticed I was (at least trying to) pushing the PTT button, but I didn’t notice the mic symbol, all while dead. When I respawned the bug started up again. I will try to investigate further as to what may have caused it.

(umberMuffler) #13

I’m not certain what causes it but at times my character will be stuck in the speed of the aim down sight, even if im walking normally.

(Ardez1) #14

Could anybody experiencing this bug please check their keybind to see if the walk option has a key set for it? It is blank by default.

If that key is set, could you please press the key and let me know if it toggles walking speed on? If it does, toggle it back off and unmap the key from walking speed.

Please let me know your results.

(DanielFluffy) #15

its a glitch where the “slow walk” key is pushed and instead of simply activating when you push it and then deactivating when you let go of the key, it instead toggles it.

(streetwiseMime) #16

I dont have mine set and it still does it for me.

(Borganism) #17

Hey, I’m having a similar issue since the unscheduled patch. I loaded the game and it happened from the first game. All my my movements are slowed, firing, reloading, moving, jumping. My proxy cant even keep up with another players skyhammer anymore. I have tried binding walk but that just slows me further. Even the end game credits/XP screen is running slowly.
Is there a way I can get and debug type information to you? is there a velocity number I can show somehow (like in quakelive) to prove im not just trolling?
I have posted separately about this because I think its a different issue to above but its maybe linked. Speaking of links, here is my thread

(Borganism) #18

well, a reboot of my computer fixed the issue. No idea what caused it or what solved it but problem gone I guess. I have a few more vids of running slowly if devs want them, just let me know.
Aside from that problem gone. Aside from getting client de-synchs now.

(Borganism) #19

My problem is solved. I rebooted the machine and all worked fine. Now i just have pesky client de-synchs to deal with. Ive never had it before but im guessing its not related.

(Borganism) #20


Logged in this morning after the unscheduled update and noticed I was running super slow in comparision to yesterday. I even tried racing people while I was a proxy and they were any other class. They always beat me. Shooting is slower, reloading is slower, jumping feels like Im on the moon. Even the menu animations at the end are slower.

I have a reasonable high end PC. Only thing that is slow is my video card (asus raedon 6850). This only appeared after last nights update.

Let me know if I can get more information to you so that you can diagnose properly. I have uploaded a video for proof so that people don’t tell me to run with knife out, and make sure that I’m running. (I dont know how to imbed the youtube vid, have a link instead)