[Game Bug] 2 Bombs in Execution

(n-x) #1

I had those 2 scenarios today:

  1. We killed the enemy bomb carrier and guarded the bomb. Still, the enemy team could plant. Despite the fact, that the bomb was still on the ground for us. All my team saw it, not just me.

  2. Our bomb carrier was killed. I revived him, but he didnt seem to pick up the bomb again. So I took it and started to plant. Then the former bomb carrier came along and started planting too.

In the second case the carrier was a Fletcher. In the first case I am pretty sure it was a Fletcher as well. Both instances happend on Market Place.

(Chilled Sanity) #2

Its not game breaking since you can plant only one C4 so not a problem unless you are defending the C4

(DarkMatterMatt) #3

The idea is that if you kill the bomb carrier, you can defend the bomb and win. If there is 2 bombs, there is double the chance of a successful plant and it is harder to defend against, especially if the bomb carriers split up.