GAME ALL MODES: No floor texture

(TheEagleTrooper) #1

In the Map Chapel i found this:

(ASD) #2

wow you found some stuff behind a wall :slight_smile:

(TheEagleTrooper) #3

not good enough?

(Fake nick) #4

This is still a beta version of the game. Maps are not yet polished, so here and there you can see missing textures or no collision. I think that right now devs want to balance game a little bit more (maybe by some small changes in the maps or smthng) before they gonna start with fixing all the graphic glitches. But they are fully aware of all those small issues.
Anyway, good glitch hunting.

(Nail) #5

feel free to post any bugs or problems big or small

(TheEagleTrooper) #6

@ fake nick, they might didn’t saw some of the glitches, you never know.