Funny moments!

(NuclearBreadstick) #1

I have 2:

Once, my team was pushing on first stage terminal. I was playing proxy, and on my way to the left flank. Unfortunately, a Vassili bodyshotted me after I took a bit of fall damage, so I was downed. A friendly Sawbonez came along while I had 10 seconds on my deploy timer. So he walks up to me, and he helps me up. After he helps me up, he throws me a health pack. Yeah.

My team was on Chapel defense, final stage. The enemy team had one cap left till they won, and their datacore was right in front of the building. We had been wiped out after they rushed us, and the respawn timer was at 20 seconds. So, there I was, in death spectate, when an enemy Aura and approached the objective. She picked it up, and… ran in the opposite direction. All 4 of the people with mics on my team burst out laughing, and then we won.

(TeeKayM) #2


(AlBundy) #3

yeah it would seem a lot of the player base tries to play this game as a TDM, but with the loading screen it shows you the objectives…i don’t get it, must have something to do with this new thing and having a dormant brain

(Faraleth) #4

Lmao, I was playing Sparks (as I quite often do c:) and I went down… So a friendly Sparks came up to me, thought she was gonna res… nope >_>

Stood next to me, shot with SMG before switching to pistol and shooting with that. She then threw all 4 health packs at me (while I was still laying on the floor), then melee’d me, before finally being shot down by an enemy Proxy who stumbled upon the sight… -facedesk-

Gotta love them pubs c:

(AlBundy) #5

i had a match where i was using the walls to jump over people and shoot them while airborne…got an easy 4k…they rushed again to have the same thing happen…the 3rd time is a charm right

they all came back to that spot where i had done that and stood still a different guy on my team killed them all…they typed in chat no point in trying to fight a cheater, we’ll just come to you to make it easier

my reply…don’t throw in the towel…then i yelled in my mic to my team ADRIANNNN!!!

(SaulWolfden) #6

Basically any time I get a kill with the Kukri knife on Redeye, especially if I one shot an Aura or Sparks. Seriously, the Kukri is such a fun weapon for me to use that I can’t help laughing with the kills I end up getting, had to buy two loadouts (with in game credits) with it for the GSR and Dress… that’s how much I wanted the Kukri on my loadouts lol.

I was on Sawbonez and fought an enemy Sawbonez and we both kept missing each other to the point where we ran out of ammo in both our primary weapons and secondary weapons so went into a miss fest of melee combat. He hit me with the cricket bat almost killing me, but I got two quick slashes to kill him with a knife. Funniest fight I’ve ever had in this game.

I also shot a Fletcher in the head and he exploded.

(AlBundy) #7

i was cooking a nade with fragger, and im sure i was trolled…but a teammate goes OMG FRAGGER BEHIND YOU, so trying to just play fast, i dropped the nade thinking i got them…as i turned around no one was there…and i blew myself up…then i sat there in shame as the LOL’s flooded in

(MarsRover) #8

I’ve just seen a Bushwhacker attacking the EV. With a cricket bat. While standing in front of it and being pushed. For good 20 meters. I don’t know how much damage did that do but it was worth it, dear anonymous Bushwhacker - you made my day.

(SteelMailbox) #9

When someone rages because I killed him so many times and then calls me a hacker.
Happened twice today XD.

(KattiValk) #10

When I go in for the gib and accidentally kill a medic that got in the way. That and when I knife a Rhino to death.

(kAndyREW) #11

ugh there have been times when I would flank an entire team, and they’re all huddled near a med station… I cook my nade as fragger, about to release, but then a friendly runs in front and sprays randomly (dies shortly afterwords) the nades bounces off the friendly’s back and back on me. I suicide.

happens way too often.

(Reddeadcap) #12

I’m at the top section of the first part of Underground as a defender, see the elevator being called, walk back and toss a grenade, kill 4 people and use quick chat to simply say “No.” In global, this repeats to the point that the other 4 are raging about it (some of which have rode the elevator as well.) the rest of my team, I kid you not literally just sat on top of the pump control room dropping ammo and health or doing their own ability, we win only for one of the enemy team member to write “You know, after the first 10 times you’d think of trying something different.” or something similar before the rest left.