Fun Team to play Casual and Competetiv

(Spartan-Nail) #1

Hi Guys,
i want to make a team, that plays because it wants to have fun.
I speak German and English. Im 16 years old.
We can tryhard or just have fun, there is no skillcap.
I play everything. Please write what you main.
Maybe this is pretty short but my written english isnt that good so… lets end this here.

(-Maple-) #2

I’d be down to play with you. Also 16, speak English.
Sawbonez (currently using SM72, but can use CR73 if we need Engineer on him)
Fragger (M62)/Nader (SM41/CR81)
Aimee (F75)/Kira (D44)/Bushwhacker (C41). If Guardian is made legal, I wouldn’t mind having her as a flex role.